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Serono Symposia International Foundation provides a series of activities in cardiometabolic medicine, such as CME accredited live events and online courses that are focused on hypertension, diabetes, arythmias, and cardiac, cerebral and peripheral limb ischemic diseases.

SSIF's activities are designed for healthcare professionals who are seeking to improve their knowledge, competence and performance in order to provide the best diagnostic and therapeutic solutions to their patients.  Register now

CME tour of Africa

Africa tourSSIF has begun a long-term educational project in Africa providing training workshops for undergraduate students, diabetologists, endocrinologists  and all healthcare professionals dealing with Diabetes Mellitus through clinical diabetes management. So far visits have been made to Uganda,Kenya and Namibia. The  educational workshops were run by Dr Jonathan Levy, Oxford Centre for Diabetes, Endocrinology & Metabolism, Oxford, UK in partnership with faculty members from local universities.Two further CME tours are planned for 2014, the first to Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, and the second to Namibia, Angola and Mozambique. Learn more about the CME tour.

Six video presentations, four with accompanying slide presentations, are now available on our sister site, Manage Diabetes Online. Click here to watch the video presentations

Diabetes and cardiometabolic conditions

With the increasing recognition of the close relationship between diabetes, hypertension and other cardiovascular conditions, Serono Symposia International Foundation has decided to extend the coverage of the 'cardiovascular' section of the website and to focus more generally on cardiometabolic conditions.

This new microsite will support medical education across a range of specialisms in cardiometabolic medicine, including  hypertension, diabetes, arythmias, and cardiac, cerebral and peripheral limb ischemic diseases.

To achieve this aim, all the educational materials related to diabetes have been moved from the endocrinology and metabolism section and are hosted in this cardiometabolic section.

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2014 programme of events

Serono Symposia International Foundation is delighted to announce an exciting programme of events in 2014.

SSIF has a reputation for being at the forefront of continuing medical education and the list of exciting activities for 2014 reflects this.

View the cardiometabolic programme for 2014 here

Spring 2014 Newsletter

The best of 2013 Cardiovascular activities available now

Available now from SSIF Cardiometabolic is a summary of  all the highlights from cardiovascular and hypertension educational activities in 2013. The newsletter provides a snapshot of each conference and International School run during the year, including the 2013 Asia-Pacific Cardiology Symposium, the International School of Echocardiography held in Pisa, Italy and also gives  highlights from international congresses. The 2014 programme for SSIF Cardiometabolic is included too.

Download your copy of the 2013 Cardiovascular Newsletter

An SSIF course on the vital role of echocardiography in cardovascular events in anaesthesia and critical care settings was held in Pisa, Italy on 26-28 September 2013. The theoretical sessions focused on topics including image formation and the physics of ultrasound and the practical sessions provided hands-on experience in patients with coronary artery diseases.

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